Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Addition To Our Family

Even though our 5th Wedding Anniversary was July 20th, I thought I'd post a picture of our new addition to the family. For Deb's birthday a couple years ago, I let her have the dog she's always wanted, a chocolate Lab named Joey. For our anniversary, I surprised her by getting the dog she's been bugging me about for months, a yellow Lab named Hank.

So here they are... Happy Anniversary Honey!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Maddy Goes Home

Yesterday was kind of sad day for us. After spending the summer together, we sent Madyson back home to her mom's for the school year. We still get her every weekend, but after spending this summer together, I wasn't ready to give her back. It just went too fast. But we had a wonderful summer. We put Madyson in swim team this year and she didn't do too bad for a first year. She isn't that strong of a swimmer, but by the end of the season, she was just coming into her own. She actually got a third place finish in the Butterfly event. Although she didn't qualify for the championship races, we will continue to work on her strokes and see how well she does next year.

Now Madyson's next adventure is to start the 4th grade. That grade scares me because I remember a lot of the 4th grade and that just means I have a child that will remember these experienes for the rest of her life. Yikes!!

We also want to send out a congratulations to my brother, Trent, and his wife, Jackie, for the birth of the son, Finnigan (I hope I spelled that correctly). We got to watch their first boy, Jonas, for a few hours until Grandma came and picked him up. It seemed Debbie left to go to the hospital to pick up Jonas and within the hour we got the phone call that Jackie already had the baby. Nothing like waiting until the last minute there Jackie!!!

Madyson is excited because in the next week, she'll get to go to Texas to witness her cousin, Julia Tanner's baptism. So much happening in this family!! It's wonderful.

Why Not?

Well, the rest of my family is doing this blog thing, so we might as well join the blogging revolution!! We do not have a digital camera as of yet (the two we had have both been broken or lost) so we are in the process of saving for a new one. We definitely need a new one because we have missed out on such fun events. As much as I am into family history, not having photographs to document these events is not good.

We will try to keep things up to date as much as possible. I'm sure Debbie will update everyone on the family happenings and I'll make sure to include any family history information I can dig up.