Thursday, September 25, 2008

National Stay At Home Week!

So, we have been informed that this has been National Stay at Home Week. While, we tend to have that holiday every week in our house, this has been a fun week of new shows and fun entertainment! But tonight...I am so excited...The Office, Grey's Anatomy, o man, I love Thursdays!

I will say I am very proud of myself though, I have organized and RE-inventoried our food storage to begin the replanishing and for FHE this week, we are going to can butter. Now those of you who really know me, knows how much of a domestic accomplishment this is going to be. My next task - learning to make bread. Look - I am finally growing up. (hahahaha)

As an update of the not so fun stuff, Mike is hanging in there. He sees the surgeon next week - finally! I assume things will move more speedily after that. I am still trying to fight current infections, on a new medication now and hoping for better results. Then I will schedule my surgery once I know that my sweet husband is all better.

Maddy is such a trooper. She is growing up so fast but she is still so full of cuddles and loves - I hope that never changes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More fun in the Malone home...

Not that we didn'thave enough going on and I really wish I had some fun and exciting news to put up on here, but life seems to be trying us all these days.

Mike and I spent yesteday in the ER, he has a severly herniated disc in his neck and they are going to be doing surgery. So maybe we both will have surgury at the same time and be recovering together??? Wouldn't that be a story to put ni our journals? ha! Anyway, we don't know when yet, as of now he is home and in a lot of pain. I feel so bad, it's hard fro me to see him like this. I hate to keep asking this of those of you who are so wonderful to us but if you could keep us in your prayers a little longer, that would mean so much to us.

Maddy is a truper! She is always being so helpful and asking what we need and I feel for her. We try and keep it light and fun for her sake - how did we get so lucky with her, she is out angel!

Love and prayers to you all!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And then they grow up...With a new school year came a new hair cut. We love it and Maddy does too. She loves how curly it gets. She is loving 5th grade. She is just blossoming into quite a wonderful young lady and we are so proud of her. There are 3-5th grade classes and when I was there last week, as we walked down the halls, kids were coming out of each class room all giving hugs to Maddy and hi fives...she just loves that. She is quite the socialite...she takes after me a little in that area and I hope it doesn't get her into trouble like it did me when I was that's hard to get mad over that when my standard notation on report cards was..."Debbie needs to not talk so much in class".
Her best friend though, has definately become Daddy! The two of them are homework buddies(at least the math part, I do the english and writing stuff, he does and the brainiac stuff like math and science)and they love spending time together. I think Mike is freaking out a little bit at how much and how fast she is growing up. It's like you blink and they have changed. I love to see how close the two of them have become. While I was out of town, I hear there was some serious guitar hero going on between them!!! Go Maddy!

Home Again!!

Well, I just got back from the first part of my 20 year high school reunion(go class of '89)...I was feeling old about this but then I saw some of the guys from the old days and I am still feeling like a young buck! (haha) Seriously, it was so great to see everyone, I was able to catch up with some dear friends and laugh about the old times. I loved High School mostly because of my friends and was so much fun to reminisce...Michele, you were truly missed though. It wasn't the same without you.

I came home to Mike being in major pain from his neck. He can't move it and can't lay flat - it is bringing back old memories of his neck surgery. He just wanted some extra TLC because he missed me so much while I was gone...If it's not one thing it's another in this house but you know, we keep laughing and smiling and counting our blessings even amongst the storms of life.

I have some of the greatest friends in my life who have always been there and this week was a chance to go back in time a little bit. I am truly blessed. I feel sometimes like I wish I had those bonds out here in Arizona and that Mike and Maddy could know some of you who are so dear to me, a little better. But it makes coming back home so sweet and I can't wait for July!

Maddy is so excited, tomorrow is Grandparents day at school and Grandma and Grandad are going to go have lunch with her. She can't wait! She feels so proud that they get to come to her school and she can show off the greatest grandparents in the world.

Thanks for all the prayers on our behalf. We ALL have struggles in one way or another, and we are blessed to know that through ours, we have the love and prayers of true friends and we have the gospel...with that on our side, we can't lose!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NEWS... We Knew It Was Coming

Debbie went to the Doctor this morning and he told her she's going to have the surgery to remove part of her colon. However, he doesn't want her to have the surgery until the pain is gone completely. I guess if you have the surgery while your colon is infected then the patient has to wear the colostomy bag. But if the infection is gone then they can re-attach the colon after the section is removed.
How long it will be before the pain is gone is anyone's guess. But since she has had Diverticulitis twice in the last three years means it'll only get worse as time goes by.
We'll keep everyone posted.