Friday, September 21, 2007

John Madison Davidson

While doing some family history research on-line, I came to a name in our line that had ended (no father or mother information available). So, I decided to do a Google search and I came across this book called A Tribute to Clay County Veterans, by David G. Harmon. In this book was an excerpt about this individual (John Madison Davidson). In it lists his father's name and all his children and their spouses. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this little nugget. So, I thought I'd share it with the family so they can put it in their records.

From the book: A Tribute to Clay County Veterans, by David G. Harmon


John Madison Davidson, the second child of Daniel, wife unknown, was born 1777 in Washington County, VA probably before his father enlisted in the Revolutionary War on Jan. 21, 1777. This date was taken from his military records.

The available records on John Madison Davidson does not show proof of his first wife one genealogist says was Patsey, several others say Elizabeth Smith, neither of these offer proof of their convictions. I will adopt Elizabeth Smith since more lean toward her than anyone else.

Their children were Tyre Davidson (born 1799) married Salley Morris; James A. Davidson (born 1801) married Rachel Allen Noble; Samuel Davidson (born 1803) married Susannah Dent; Martin Davidson (born 1805) married Susannah Spurlock; Tabitha Davidson (born 1807) married Reubin Baker; Daniel Davidson (born 1809) married Isobel McCollum; Morgan Davidson (born 1815) married Mary Stidham; Mary Davidson (born 1821) married Samuel Britton; Mahala Davidson (born 1822) married John Jacob Oxford; Matilda Davidson (born 1824) married Washington Burns; Nancy Davidson (born 1825) married Eligah Herd.

We do not know for sure but Elizabeth Smith Davidson must have died because John married again to Mary (Polly) Camel or Campbell on Jan. 13, 1827. It might seem odd to some that he would marry again so soon after the death of his first wife, but when one stops and considers that he was faced with the problem of keeping at least five children, they would agree that an early marriage was necessary. It will be noted that several years separate the births of Daniel, Morgan and Mary. This indicated that Elizabeth’s health was failing. John and Polly Campbell were married in January 1827. Four children were born to this marriage; Susan Davidson (born 1827) married Blevins Hudson; Silas Davidson (birthdate unknown) married Sarah Hays. There were two other children, but no information available.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Update on Family History

While Debbie and I spent a very relaxing weekend in Pinetop/Lakeside, we decided to visit the cemeteries in Show Low and Lakeside, Arizona. In particular we were looking for the tombstone of one of my Mom's great-grandfather, Edmund Lovell Ellsworth. He led the first handcart company from Iowa City to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1856. I had seen mixed information as to the location of his grave. So, with the help from Aunts and Uncles on my Mom's side, we finally found the place. For those who show his burial is in the Show Low City Cemetery, that information is wrong. He is actually buried in what is now Show Low, but at the time of his burial, it was known at the Town of Adair, thus being buried in the Adair Cemetery. This cemetery is located between two beautiful homes near Fool Hollow Lake. Take Old Lindon Road to 22nd Avenue. Turn right onto 22nd Avenue and go towards where the road ends. Right before the end of the road is a concrete driveway that takes you into the driveways of the two homes. There you will see a wire fence and a medium sized sign that says "Adair Cemetery." Park next to the trampoline and go through the gate to your right. It's a very small cemetery, but so very fun to walk through.