Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random facts about Deb

This is kind of fun...after several tags on facebook I decided to do this and I have been having so much fun reading the facts about my friends I thought I would post this for the non facebook readers. Just 25 random facts about me. Mike will put his on here too later.

1. I don't usually do these and it's taken several to get me to bite - although I have loved reading and learning more about my friends.
2. My favorite thing to get up each day for is to be a wife to my loving husband and to be a Mom to my daughter(step). They are the most important people in the world to me.
3. I sometimes think I love dogs more than people and I love people which is why my dogs are incredibly spoiled.
4. My dream is to be a country singer. I tried it for awhile in Nashville but it was HARD so I left, but I still always dream of one day...
5. I grew up without really having my family close so my friends have always been my family and there are a few who got me where I am today and loved me through it all - you know who you are.
6. I always wanted to be great at sports - I guess I was a jack at several trades but not an expert at any - well, maybe water skiing - I was pretty good back in the day!
7. I dream of having more kids - a baby of my own - but it looks like it might not happen in this life. That is my sadness.
8. I like to be needed and valued by the people important to me.
9. I want to go on the tv show - Don't Forget the Lyrics" and make lots of money.
10. I sang in a country band and also a pop/rock band for several years before I got married.
11. I am totally and completely afraid of bugs - I mean, to the point of crazy heart palpitations at the very sight.
12. I have a problem with road rage. Although, I do not flip the bird at people. Just silent lecturing and horn honking.
13. I got two regular tickets and 3 radar tickets this last year and so I am no longer allowed to speed. Although, I think really it is just that I am no longer allowed to get caught.
14. My favorite date night ideas are going to a concert or sporting event or going to dinner and a movie.
15. I always said that I would never live in Arizona because of the heat and the scorpions and now I call it my home...ironic, don't ya think?
16. I love to drive on road trips and sing for hours and hours. It is very freeing. My favorite Road Trip buddy is Blake...He used to really make me think about life with our long talks and drives.
17. I think I can be imaptient at times but I try to work on it.
18. My biggest fear in life is losing the people I love.
19. I have been a massage therapist now for 12 years and I still love what I do.
20. The highlight of my career was the 2002 Winter Olympics - working with the Skeleton Team. I really miss those guys.
21. I want to travel to Italy, Ireland and Germany with my husband someday.
22. I would love to one day retire and live in teh mountains where there is snow in the winter and blue sky in the summer but not too hot.
23. I can get my feelings hurt easily but I forgive easily and hope I don't hurt others' feelings as easily.
24. I love to watch TV, there I admit it, I love to watch my shows.
25. I am very blessed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are You Serious???

It just seems as if the fun in the Malone clan just cannot stop. We spent most of last year worrying over Debbie and now that she's getting better, we find out the other day that my sister, Shelly, has stage 3 breast cancer. That hit Debbie and I very hard, seeing how young Shelly is.

So we've been praying for her and how we can help. Debbie gets the impression that we need to drive up there and allow Debbie to work on Shelly and help her body get prepared for the surgery ahead. So next weekend we are going up there. We were able to work out an agreement with Cat so Madyson gets to come with us too.

So once again we are calling upon friends and family to pray for Shelly and her family (husband + 5 kids all under 10). They really could use it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Angie...please come back soon!!!

My sister Angie was here this month for Christmas and to help take care of me. She is so much fun and so filled with life. She went back home yesterday and I cried all the way home from the airport.