Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maddy LOVES her sleepovers with her cousins!!! She misses the Tanners so much when they are away and eveytime they come into town...she must get her sleepover with them. It's been really fun for her to have Lani live so close. Maddy has loved getting to be closer to her and spend more time with her. There is nothing like good family bonds!!


So I am so proud of Mike that I have to brag. This change in diet and lifestyle has been hard on him and he is taking it like such a trooper. He has lost 20 pounds so far and is exercising almost everyday and HE EVEN ATE FISH last night for dinner. Any of you who really know my sweet husband, know how much of an accomplishment these steps are.

I am so happy that he is taking his health so seriously. We all want him around for a long time and at the risk of sounding so mushy, I am not sure I could handle a life without him so these changes mean everything to me. I am doing my part to be good and do the diet right along side him and we have only had a couple of arguements over food and hunger in the process. We actually fought over 6 almonds - yes, that was not a typo - 6 almonds. The can said that a serving size was 20 almonds and the diet says 6 almonds is a single serving and of course a hungry man would rather eat 20 almonds than 6 so it got a little heated and he said he refused to eat just 6 almonds just out of principle. Well, he took them today in his lunch so he has gotten over it but now it gives us something to laugh about.

I am really proud of you hon! I love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What To Do About Mike?

Well, my last post said I would be having surgery on the 14th, which was yesterday. Nope. I'm sitting at my desk at work instead. So what happened? It's a long story, but I'll try to make it short and sweet.

Before surgery you need a series of tests done to make sure your body can handle the surgery. The nurse jokingly said if there was something wrong we'll let you know. Well, later that day, the nurse called and said I should go to the ER. I didn't, but fortunately, I went to my regular doctor instead. Turns out my blood sugar levels were off the charts. Normal blood sugar is 70-150 and mine was 414. Due to those levels, the surgeon said my body is not stable enough to have surgery and canceled it.

I had more blood work done the next day to find out what else was wrong...Needless to say, I had 4 tests come back with levels that put me in the "alert" zone. Turns out I have Type 2 Diabetes. So, until I can get some weight off and get my levels more towards the normal range, surgery will have to wait.

When will these medical problems leave us alone? Who knows. This was supposed to be a medical free year, but oh well. We have faith and we know the Lord doesn't give us obstacles that we cannot handle. I just look at this neck injury as a blessing in disguise because who knows when I would have gone in to get a physical. I had been thinking of going in in the Summer to do it, but maybe I couldn't have waited that long. So we count our blessings that this was caught when it was and that we can fix it and live with it.