Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it was a good Thanksgiving for the Malone gang. All of my immediate family was in town and we got to spend the day together. It was especially fun for the cousins to get together and renew their bonds.

But of course as soon as Thanksgiving Day is over, it's time for Christmas. Now Deb has been listening to Christmas music for almost two weeks now. She's ready for Christmas as soon as Haloween is over.

As for me, I think there should be a law banning everything Christmas until December 1st.

So while Deb was shopping on "Black Friday" I was given the "Honey Do" of hanging lights outside.

As of yesterday, we are officially Christmas decorated. The tree has been set up and decorated, the house has lights on the outside, and even Maddy put up a small tree in her room.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maddy's Urgent Care Visit

I normally take my cell phone to church with me because I do not wear a watch and when I'm teaching my primary class I need to know the time so I can let my little monsters out to go to sharing time.

Well, this last weekend when I picked up Madyson from her mom, she was complaining that she didn't feel well. So she was pretty much in bed Friday and all day Saturday. When I woke her up Sunday morning to get ready for church, she still wasn't feeling well. Deb didn't have to teach Young Women's so she volunteered to stay home.

Right before my primary class began, I looked at my phone to check the time and there was a message from Deb. "Can you come home 15 minutes early so I can go to church to work with the young women for their program?" Sure. Why not. That means I get to leave about 10:45.

Well, about 10:20 I see the door to the primary room open and it's my Dad. He's got a funny look on his face and he's motioning really fast for me to get out of the primary room. I look at the clock and realize that it's not time for me to leave yet, but maybe Deb is in a hurry and wants me home.

Nope. As I meet my Dad in the hallway, he tells me that I need to go home because Maddy is having chest pains and is not coherent. As an EMT in a previous life, I realize that is not good and so I rushed home.

She's not running a fever, her pulse is slow and weak and her skin is kind of clamy. None of those are good signs. One of our neighbors is an ER nurse and she comes over and says Maddy should go see a doctor. Dad comes over and we give Maddy a blessing and off to Urgent Care we go.

Turns out Maddy was severely dehydrated. Somehow they were able to say that she was a quart low on fluids in her body. It was begining to shut down. She also has a severe sinus infection and bronchitis to boot. Poor little girl.

Doc tells us to go to the Circle K and get Maddy a big gulp of soda. He says he normally would not recommend that, but in her case, she needed something with liquids, sugars, and other stuff that soda apparently has. So, we got her a soda and some Gatorade's and went home where she stayed in bed until Monday night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

DO NOT Let this happen to you!

Do not fall asleep after a Halloween party when the girls are giddy...
Yes, I am asleep...

Late Halloween Pictures

Okay, so as promised, here are our Halloween Pictures...

She learned to scowl like that from her daddy!!!

An angel fell from heaven

Not much different than "normal"

Mike did WHAT???

Oh yes he did!!! As my wife is always asking me to rub her shoulders and I'm not always so grateful to do it... But this time, I was happy to do it. I was massaging her left shoulder and Hank, our yellow lab, does what he does best and litteraly walk over you. Deb raised her arm to push him out of the way right as I am rubbing it, and POP!!! Deb dislocates her shoulder.

Now, before those that are faint and weak at the sight of bodily mishaps, it wasn't a dislocation where the shoulder completely popped out the socket. It just pulled it and did some funky stuff. She couldn't move.

To help fix the injury, she's been going to a chiropractor and massage therapist a few times a week (personally, I think she faked the injury just so she could get some massage from someone who really knows what they are doing). Deb's been really good about telling people that it was the dog who did it (poor dog gets blamed for everying), but we really know what happened.

I'm sorry sweetie!!

We're Not Dead!!

I had better update our blog before everyone starts to think we've fallen off the face of the earth. I always have good intentions of updating the blog, but once I get home from work, I get sucked into Family History or just plain being lazy.

We have some real fun Halloween pictures that I have to post. For those that didn't see us during Halloween, Debbie and I dressed as our typical stereotypes: Me as a Heavy Metal Thunder God and Debbie as an Angel. But best of all was Madyson. She stepped out of her "princess" mode and became Spiderella. She has her daddy's scowl (it was priceless - I couldn't have been more proud). I promise I'll put up the pictures tonight (unless I get home and get sucked into family history).