Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Fever

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have had spring fever so badly and I have tackled a list of projects! I went through every room in the house and found some project to do. It has been so liberating to get the house more organized and get rid of so much junk. I feel like I throw so much away and then the next thing I know - there is more. Where does it come from?

Maddy made honor roll again this quarter. We are really proud of her because the homework scene has been such a challenge this year. But she is hanging in there and then the grades pay off and she is so proud of herself. Ahhh...we may be mean parents to make her do her homework but we have fun rewards when it pays off.

I am so excited for General Conference!! I turn off the phones, clear the calendar and shut out the world and focus on nothing but soaking in the spiritual feast. Truly my favorite times of the year. It's also when we inventory all of our food storage and emergency prep stuff to see what we need to replenish. The only down side is I am feeling this overwhelming feeling like we are still so far from being as prepared as we want/need to be. It seems like we have a ton but I still get overwhelmed thinking I am missing stuff. Does anyone else go through this? It's like, I never run out of more things I need to get and do.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Surgery Confirmed

Well, I got the news this afternoon that my surgery has finally been set. I have to go see an ENT doctor first to make sure my vocal cords are working properly. Yeah, weird right? Apparently, there is a nerve that controls your vocal cords and the last time I had this surgery, my voice changed. We're not sure if my voice changed back to normal or if everyone, including myself, got used to the new voice. Anyway, I guess there's always a chance they could stress, tear, or cut the nerve. How? Apparently they can't see the nerve while they do the surgery.

They are doing the same procedure as last time, opening up my throat (like a tracheotomy) and removing the damaged disk (at C5-C6). In its place they will put a cadaver bone. Then they have to remove the metal plate and screws that already exist in my neck and then put a new plate in that will hold all three vertebrae in place.

I asked the doctor why I couldn't have a synthetic disk instead of a bone graph. He said if I had the money to go to Europe then he would recommend I go there because their technology is about 5-6 years ahead of the U.S. So, he doesn't do the synthetic disks, he does the bone graphs.

The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix (St. Joseph's Hospital).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surgery Again!!!

Well, it's official, Mike is having neck surgery! He will have it some time in the next 4-6 weeks. They are going to go in and remove the plate from his previous surgery and then fuse the disk that is herniated and put in a bigger plate to cover all three levels.

Even though this is not what we wanted to have to go through, it will be good for him to be able to get it fixed and work on getting his life back. Please keep him in your prayers, and thanks for all of the love and support!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poor Mike...

So, just for an update to our wonderful friends who are always asking about Mike. He is still the same - physical therapy did not work this time much and so he goes back to see the surgeon on Thursday of this week to find out if he will be having surgery or what the next step might be.

We just pray that whatever he needs to do, he can get some relief soon. He pretty much lives in the recliner because he cannot even lay flat. Not fun for him at all. He might kill me for posting this picture but this is pretty much his life right now so...what is blogging for, right???? Sorry honey...

My favorite boys!!!

So, usually they destroy stuffed animals within minutes but I have been working with them on giving loves and not destroying and so now Joey has his puppy and Hank has his "cow". This is nighty night time...I couldn't resist.

Family Birthday Celebration/Birthday Party with Friends


Maddy's Aunt Britney made her the sweetest candy bar poster! She was so creative and Maddy just loves it!!
Avry is modeling one of her mommies new wigs - such a cutie!!

Maddy loves her cousins so much. She is so glad that the Lomu's are back in Arizona, she has really loved spending more time with them!

On Friday, Maddy got to take a few friends to see The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience. The girls had such a great time. Then we came back home and they played the Wii, sang on the karaoke machine and we BBQ'd burgers and hotdogs and had ice cream sundaes. It was a really fun night.
Mike and I were freaking out a bit though because this was the first time really that we have experienced conversations about liking boys in school and girlie things that we are just not ready to hear. She is growing up so fast. Mike is mourning because his little girl no longer thinks boys are "gross". Where does the time go????

Maddy's Birthday guests were. Madison Willden, Macckenzi Moncur, Ashlee Davis and Dylann Eberhard. One of her very Best Friends lives a little farther away and so Maddy got to spend time with her on Saturday. She and Lexi are the very best of friends and we wish they still lived closer to us.

Madyson's 11th Birthday

Wednesday March 4th was Maddy's 11th birthday. We wanted to make this a year of appreciation, letting her know of her great worth in our family, helping her to know she is a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father and turning into a wonderful young girl. So, we started off the week with Family Home Evening - we (Mike and I) spotlighted her - our 10 favorite things about Madyson. She was glowing she was so happy - you could tell it made her feel so special.

Mike's 10 Favorite Things about Maddy!

1. I love when she fakes she is in trouble and pretend cries to trick me.

2. I love her cute little grin when she's happy.

3. I loved when she was younger, when she made out bed and put little candies on our pillows.

4. I love her cuddles.

5. I love how she says "I love You" at least 100 times a day!

6. I love when she helps around the house without being asked.

7. I love her independence.

8. I love how she's becomming more like her Daddy.

9. I love her giggle laugh.

10. I love her morning hugs.

Deb's 10 Favorite Things about Maddy!

1. I love her beautiful red hair.

2. I love her smile and her real laugh when she doesn't know anyone is listening.

3. I love how she always asks if there is anything I need help with.

4. She is good to always include everyone when she plays.

5. I love how everytime she leaves the room she says, "I love You!"

6. I love the way she looks at herself in the mirror when she feels pretty.

7. I love seeing her in the morning. She is always happy when she gets up and gives the best snuggles.

8. I love that she likes to try new things - except food. :-)

9. I love that she is a leader.

10. I love how much she loves me all the time, even when I have had a grouchy day.