Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where A Door Closes Another Opens...

Well, today was a sad day. The ward we have called home for 5 years now just split today and our neighborhood was it. I knew it would be, it only makes the most sense with the growth in this area...growth is good! I bawled my eyes out and then bawled some more. We are going to miss everything about this Ward. Being able to see family each week and sit together supporting each other, the AMAZING friendships we have - you all have touched our lives in so many ways and we can never thank you for all of the goodness and service that was done in our behalf. We are also so grateful for the opportunities we have had to serve and grow in the ward - I have LOVED serving in the Young Womens. Those girls are so strong spiritually and they are amazing. I love you all so much and will miss you with all my heart. Mike has been serving in his dream calling as Family History Consultant. He has loved this opportunity to serve doing something that he is so passionate about.

Now, to turn this into something to smile about!! We are not moving far away, just going to a new Ward. At least we are still close and will hopefully have many opportunities to see our friends all the while getting to make new ones. I love what one of the Bishops said today - I think it was Bishop Burnham - it's all kind of a blurr - but it was said that friendship holds no boundaries and that is so true. Once a friend, always a friend. We are looking to embrace Page Ward and give it all we've got!! I have complete Faith in our Father in Heaven and in the leaders of this stake. If this was meant to be, then there are reasons and we look to the future with antiscipation, a little sadness, but ready to move ahead. I want all of you in the Durango Ward who mean so much to us to know of our love for you, for the gospel and to know that we are always here if you ever need US!! To all our Kristin Manor buddies, it's all good and at least we are forging ahead together!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Day of 6th Grade!!

So Today was Maddy's first day of school - 6th grade. I must admit, it was kind of sad to think this is her last year of elementary school. This is why I really wanted more kids - I am not ready for the little kid things to be over with. But anyway, Maddy was so excited!! She has a great teacher - Mr. Moore. He seems like a blast and she came home yesterday afternoon just beaming!

The dogs were bored without her to play with today. I can hear them now..."Is she ever coming home??

"You stay here Joey, I'll go ask Mom..."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Pictures at Temple Square

Our last day in Utah we visited Temple Square and had such a wonderful time. I love these pictures, we are all dressed in white...wasn't planned by the way...but very appropriate!

This has been a wonderful summer. We have spent a LOT of time together and the last two weeks have been wonderful. If we can just survive this heat, then we are ready for the school year to start and new adventures ahead...Maddy starts 6th grade and also club volleyball this year. She can't wait!!!

20th High School Reunion Trip

So, we went to my High school reunion - 20 years!! It felt kind of like a milestone in my life, sort of surreal. And what an ironic memory of being that much older - the memory loss...I forgot my camera the night of the actual reunion. Needless to say I was so upset. I just have to rely on friends posting their pictures...come on guys, don't let me down!

I am so happy as I reflect on where my life is right now. I have such a wonderful little family and I was so happy to go and show off my sweet husband to all of my friends. I really am such a lucky girl!!!

Camping at Big Lake with the Fam!!!


We went camping with the Malone side of the family up at Big Lake. We had such a wonderful time, I do believe the weather had a TON to do with it. Some dear friends of ours let us borrow thier pop-up trailer and that made it awesome! It rained everyday and my favorite part was laying with Mike in our little trailer watching the rain fall outside, feeling the breeze and reading our books, playing games, watching the kids on the other side of the trailer play their games and enjoying each other's company. It was just a wonderful time to relax and BE OUT OF THE HEAT!!!

Jackie is so good to bring fun things for the kids to do, she has such a generous heart with those kids and we love her. You can tell all the kids really love her. I am secretly jealous a tiny but because I think "she" really is the favorite aunt...way to go Aunt Jackie!!!