Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 2 - The Journey

So, I think I might do weekly diet entries instead of daily - "there's just nothing to say" that often. (Our new favorite quote from the movie - "Couple's Retreat" - hallarious!) Anyway, back to less entertaining topics - (haha)

This last week was a start - slow start - but it was a start. I gutted out the pantry and even threw away the chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It kind of freaked me out when I thought to myself as I was throwing that way - I need this ice cream - kind of a small panic feeling - THAT IS NOT HEALTHY!! News flash!
So this week, the next step! I am going to be walking everyday this week, even if it's just for a half hour. I see a new Dr. on Wednesday night to begin the medical weight loss program and also will be getting a little counseling to help me begin new habits and make sure that I am not eating for the wrong reasons. Those of you who have known me for a long time might know that this has been somewhat of a struggle for me off and on my whole life so I want to learn through this process this time. I want to make sure that my relationship with food is a healthy one. I have been thinking back over my childhood and realized that when big things happened in my life - I really did deal with it one way or another with food. I have always been active and at times quite healthy but I think in our society - so much of what we do incorporates food. I need to remember that I am eating to live!!

The exercise issue is a big one for me lately and thinking about it makes me kind of emotional. I actually LOVE to be active. I enjoy exercising once I am doing it. I have been living in pain for so long however that it is hard to move through that pain and get moving if you know what I mean. It is something that is so important for us to do and I need to make myself do this. I am looking forward to starting to swim with my friend Bethany - she is so patient and also honest so she will not let me wimp out. That will be good for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read - I hope this journey is helping more than just me. I know that the love and support you all are giving me helps me everytime I feel like it's not possible. Baby steps and consistancy - that is what I need right now. Looking forward to Wednesday!!!


jakeanddeana said...

Yeah for you Debbie! You are on the right road! If you ever need someone to walk with -- let me know -- you know, it is fun to have someone to visit with when you are walking with -- somehow, the exercise becomes secondary :)!

Jade said...

Go, Debbie, Go! Think of me as your cheerleader from afar. Wish I could be closer to lend more support but I know you can do it.

simplyshye said...

DeBBiE -- i Was just thiNKiNg this morN - itS time to steP Back on the TreaDmiLL in the morN ... ITs goNNA hurT for a Bit - BUT it will get better .
YouR DoiNG GReat GirL !! keep it UP !

Bethany and Cameron said...

I just went swimming this morning--would've been fun with you there! Soon enough!:)

Elena said...

Great Job....hang in there. it is difficult. one day at a time. have a great day!! and remember i am cheering for you. I have weight to loose as well so i will keep you posted. Thank you for ecouraging me.

Shelly Beutler said...

Way to go! I know that as I exercise I FEEL better! The more I do it, the better I feel. Sometimes you have to push through to get to that point, but I know as time goes by and you keep going, you will only move better, feel better and be better! Keep the motivation - YOU CAN DO IT!

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